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  1. laned@sou.edu

    IFS Meeting
    May 15, 2020
    Via Zoom from Noon to 4:15

    Zoom: https://sou.zoom.us/j/97706891214

    FRIDAY, May 14, 2020

    12:00 -1:00 Welcome-Donna Lane
    Virtual Lunch and Social Hour

    1:00-2:00 Provost Council Report- Bill Harbaugh
    State Funding Model-Bill Harbaugh
    HECC Report-Ben Cannon
    • Strategic Planning
    • State Funding Model
    • State Funding Cuts
    • Allocations

    2:00-2:10 Break

    2:10-3:00 Academic Continuity Plan-Donna Lane and Bill Harbaugh
    • Tenure/Promotion
    • Faculty Evaluations
    • Shared Governance
    • Contracting
    • Pay Cuts/Furloughs

    3:00-4:00 Campus Reports: Best Practices (Remote Teaching)
    • WOU
    • UO
    • SOU
    • PSU
    • OIT
    • OSU
    • OHSU
    • EOU

    4:00-4:15 Future Meetings Dates and Topics

  2. laned@sou.edu

    May 15, 2020 Minutes
    Remote, via Zoom (originally scheduled for OIT, Klamath Falls)

    X Amy Garcia
    Amy Miller Juve
    Annette Totten
    Becky Sanchez
    Bill Harbaugh
    Devora Shapiro
    Donna Lane
    Dwight Denman
    X Elizabeth Skowron
    X Elliot Berkman
    Emily Plec
    Goran Jovanovic
    Mark Clark
    X Matthew Sleep
    McKenzie Huber
    Michael Sell
    Mike Myers
    Nasser Said-Al-Naief
    Robert Kyr
    Rowanna Carpenter
    Susan Shaw
    Tad Shannon
    Yves Labissiere

    Guests: Ben Cannon (HECC),

    Donna Lane
    Call to order
    Meeting called to order at 1:01
    Bill Harbaugh
    Provost Council Report
    Provost Council has switched from monthly meetings to remote meetings once/week.
    Conversation with new chair (PSU Provost)
    Presented IFS report/recommendations about shared governance, calling out the need for transparency and following accreditors’ standards.

    Robert Kyr
    HECC Meeting Update
    Message from IFS to HECC summarized points from Provosts’ Council.
    Robert will reformat written/spoken comments to present to IFS.
    TS moves that IFS adopt Robert’s HECC testimony as our official position on shared governance
    MC seconds
    Motion passes unanimously

    Bill Harbaugh
    State Funding Model
    Earmarks include regional incentives for TRUs, little research money for UO and PSU, bigger incentives for OSU. And graduation incentives.
    Workgrop may reduce or reprioritize specific earmarks. Shift more weight to teaching students and producing college grads.
    Meeting scheduled for middle of June. Interested to see if response to pandemic affects what groups might try to incentivize.

    HECC expects reformulation of SMSC formula. If we can make the case to legislature about revamp funding during time of crisis.

    Ben Cannon
    HECC Report
    HECC strategic roadmap: 6 months ago commission kicked off effort to build new vision and objective for post-sec education in OR.
    HECC was developing/building out strategic elements when pandemic hit.
    HECC is now focusing on near-term, hoping for stability for institutions by the fall, and move forward at that time.
    Revenue forecast expected next week, significantly down. Gov has asked state agencies to reduce budgets by 8.5%, as “bad case scenario.” Assumes legislature doesn’t take a nuanced, tailored approach and no additional fed funding. 8.5% cut would “feel” like 17% due to being halfway thru biennium.
    Reviewing funding model with workgroup, but final report and recommendations are delayed until Sept.
    Formula may shift in parts due to drastic changes, needs of TRUs, etc.

    Ben Cannon
    IFS Questions
    HECC is working with OHA and gov’s office to develop potential state standards for resumption of in-person activities at coll and unis, specifically instruction, research, and residential life. Framework/content for this haven’t been completed/decided. HECC is helping with process to bring recommendations to OHA, supporting OHA in adoption of minimum standards to apply to all coll and unis. Minimum protocols associated with different phases that colleges/unis are in in conjunction with local protocols. Phase I standards are under review by OHA now.
    State standards would not compel any uni to resume. They’d just establish minimum protocols that would need to be in place IF a col
    When OR faces unexpected budget deficit either legislature convenes and rebalances budget, or (if that can’t occur), gov has across-the-board tool — allotment reduction. Gov is preparing to make allotment reductions. Hopeful gov and legislature can develop a more nuanced plan.
    HECC is respectful of statutory construct and limits of HECC. Can’t make recommendations to specific cuts, tuition levels, or other fiscal decisions. HECC could use its power as a convener to try to express approaches that it hopes coll and unis will take.
    Concerned about legislation pushing quick fixes.
    If 17% cut were to occur today, the new funding levels would flow through the SSCM as written. Alternatively, we can change the SSCM. As HECC staff, we can’t just move money between institutions; the formula is described by rule. At this point there’s no plan to amend formula in the face of potential state cuts.
    The current formula has a portion (mission differential funding) that provides funding/resources to TRU’s in recognition of their smaller size and costs. Question before commission will be “is that appropriate and efficient?” In potential reevaluation, regional support funding would be considered.
    HEROES act in the house would provide higher ed to states, but the bill directs states on how to dispers funding to schools. If house bill becomes law (not expected) that funding for higher ed would not run through SSCM but be dispersed to HECC based on the formula in the bill.
    Re: SB 270. This crisis will cause many people to ask questions about the efficacy of SB 270. Legislators and governor will look to schools/faculty for assurance that we can respond appropriately to crisis, or for ideas on how to change.
    HEROES act would require states to maintain current practices to accept federal funding. HECC isn’t contemplating additional reporting requirements for schools receiving fed funding.

    Donna Lane/Bill Harbaugh
    Academic Continuity Plan
    UO – running student experience surveys, not feedback for faculty evaluation. Proposal for “progressive pay reduction,” but was rejected by union. Negotiated pay freeze for one year.
    SOU – 20% furloughs for staff. 20% pay cut on administrative side.
    OIT – General discussion happening, but little movement. No blanket P&T policy, faculty can request an extension if they wish. Provost has asked deans to be “as generous as possible” in granting those extensions. OIT not currently anticipating enrollment declines in the fall.
    WOU – Year extension allowed, exceptions from scholarship and teaching for spring term. Most reductions in service areas, 60% on leave w/out pay rather than laid off.
    PSU – Hiring freeze across the board. Furloughed 106 positions thus far. Course evals are being collected, and faculty can choose to include them. Provost has implemented “program reorganization.” Committed students in the fall down by 34%. Current enrollment down about 3.5%.
    OSU – Opt-in option to stop tenure clock for one year. Default is going ahead as usual. Evals were voted on yesterday, adding 3 questions regarding online learning experiences. No numerical indicators. 10% senior admin pay cut.
    OHSU – no halt to faculty evals. Process is different from most other schools. Met w/ CFO and Pres yesterday to determine if they’re moving to layoffs. Making sure faculty voice is represented. 18% pay cuts for anyone making over $50,000.

    Future meetings
    Informal or semi-regular evening meetings good for passing along information.
    If there’s any time our input means more or has the potential to mean more, that time is right now.
    Next me

    Meeting adjourned at 4:17pm

    Minutes prepared by Michael Sell, 5/15/20
    Minutes finalized by Michael Sell, 6/2/20

    Motions + Seconds
    Motion passes/Vote approval
    Motion rejected/Vote failed
    Changes or notifications

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