IFS Meeting

November 13, 2020

Via Zoom from Noon to 4:15


Zoom: https://sou.zoom.us/j/87545722528


FRIDAY, November 13, 2020


12:00 -12:30    Welcome-Donna Lane



12:30-1:15   HECC Report- Ben Cannon, Executive Director


———–IFS Reflection——–


1:15-1:20 Provost Council Report, Bill Harbaugh (UO)


1:20-1:25 State Funding Model Update, Bill Harbaugh (UO)


1:25-1:30 Oversight Committee for High School Based College Credit Partnerships, Update

   Lindy Stewart (OIT)


1:30-1:35 Oregon Online Course Exchange, Update, Wilson Zehr (EOU)


1:35-1:45 OTAC Report, Tad Shannon (WOU)10 minutes


1:45-3:00 Topic Areas: (All members)

State of Shared Governance- University President Search (WOU, Emily Plec)

Remote Course Delivery- Instructional Quality and Class Sizes (WOU, Emily Plec)

Faculty Burnout- Support of Faculty (OHSU, Amy Miller Juve)


3:00-3:05 OSU, Baccalaureate Core- McKenzie Huber (OSU) 5 minutes


3:05-3:50 David Rives, Chair, HECC Board of Commissioners

——-IFS Reflection——-


3:50-4:15 Election


Future Meeting Dates and Topics